Technical texts from German to English

Project descriptions are frequently required in English. I will help you with translations if you are running out of time or lack the necessary English language skills. Due to long-term experience and an understanding of architecture, I’m able to convey the contents of your text and visual impressions of your buildings in English.


Regular translations of project descriptions since 2014
e.g. of the Lidl Germany Headquarters in Bad Wimpfen, Germany

Büro Baumeister
Regular translations of the architectural guides Baukulturführer and more since 2008
Sample of a translation from the Baukulturführer 127, Futurium, Berlin
Editor: Büro Baumeister
Publisher: Büro Wilhelm

Further translations:
DETAIL Green Books, Sustainable Construction Techniques, 2015
DETAIL Green Books, Energy efficiency refurbishments, 2013
DETAIL Green Books, Sustainable Building services, 2011
DETAIL kids, A green home for Sophie and Henry, 2012

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